Illustrator Elena Svitkina, sweetkina
Hello! My name is Elena Svitkina.
I am an illustrator from St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. (You can trust me on this, I really love to travel and have seen many places.)
On this website you will find some of my artworks and sketches. I work in Adobe Illustrator on Wacom, so most of my illustrations are vector graphics, but some of them are compilation of freehand drawing and digital instruments. My main inspiration are people, that's why there are many portraits among my drawings.
Currently I am working for Kontist (you can find more things I've drawn on their website), but I'm open for freelance projects at the same time.
And finally, why foxes? Well, they are like a beautiful mixture of cats and dogs, which I find really awesome and cute. Some people say I remind them a fox, so here I am, foxy lady at your service! Nice to meet you!
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